Slightly Remarkable - Designed to fit

Slightly Remarkable

Hello and welcome to Slightly Remarkable, the name of the small part of the web that Jonathan Fenocchi calls home. Here, Jonathan blogs about a wide range of subjects, showcases his work, and conducts business and experiments. It is here that you will find information on who Jonathan is, what he does, what he plans on doing, and many other things you may not even be interested in discovering, such as Jonathan's musical preferences or political views.

Designed to fit

Although named "Slightly Remarkable" simply because it sounds cool (admit it, the name is pretty cool), the slogan "Designed to fit" accurately describes Jonathan's motto when it comes to developing web sites. Incorporating user interface design, tasteful aesthetics, and functional programming, a web site built by Jonathan is designed to fit both the user's needs and the client's needs. Dedication to achieving multi-platform, cross-browser, universally accessible web creations is Jonathan's goal, and the motto "designed to fit" concisely explains that conviction.

Web design & programming services

Jonathan Fenocchi has several years of experience writing, programming, designing graphics, and building beautiful masterpieces on the Web. Jonathan currently owns a company called Webtronic Media, in which he and co-owner Ryan Gabbard conduct business.